Web searching and Museum of Childhood

From eSchool News, an article on a British Library report on web searching, in which the author of the BL report argues that students’ searching and reading habits have changed and the use of the web has meant that students have developed habits such as “squirreling” i.e. downloading material and storing it. Unlike the squirrels, however, who eat the food in winter, today’s students often read very little of what is downloaded. this is perhaps not as new as it sounds as, before the onset of the web, I often told students that photocopying articles or book chapters was often a waste of time as they might not read them and also that, in some instances, the time spent queuing at the library photocopier could be better spent actually reading the article itself. 

As it was a rather special birthday for me on Wednesday of this week and my brother in law and two nieces were visiting, we went to the Museum of Childhoodin Edinburgh. This is a fascinating place and, in fact, is probably more interesting for adults than children as it has every toy that you ever had as a child plus many more. The 9 year twins did like it very much although they teneded not to linger – as the adults did. Not a very good website unfortunately. The exhibits include toys from all classes of people, from luxurious dolls’ houses to cloth dolls made from rags. A must see if you come to Edinburgh.


One Response to “Web searching and Museum of Childhood”

  1. Cathy Hainstock Says:

    The digital equivalent of a ‘pack rat’! Some TLs do the same thing with good URLs =)

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