Google videos and nature in the raw

From one of my colleagues (thanks Maryam) a link to Google’s Things to do which contains 52 wee videos on what you can do with Google apart from searching. Some of this is trivial and should certainly be ignored e.g. Never wake up your Australian relatives at 3am againas it doesn’t need a video to tell you to search for “time in Australia” but some other may be useful but mainly in a social sense e.g. getting directions, sharing photos and videos etc. However, if you are of the opinion that Google is really just trying to take over all of our lives – don’t go near it and instead learn more about using Advanced Google as this will help your search strategy formulation much more.

Last week, on my big birthday as it happens, I was called through to see a large sparrow hawk sitting on our back fence and in its claws was another bird which had just been caught in mid air. OK – not for the squeamish but my 9 year old nieces, brother in law and my wife were fascinated as the Sparrow Hawk tucked into an early lunch. As this bird is rarely seen apart from when it is flying around, this was a treat. I took some photos and one is shown below but as the photo was taken through the window, the quality is not that great – can’t wait to get my new camera.


One Response to “Google videos and nature in the raw”

  1. Maryam Says:

    Happy Birthday James. What a lovely place you live. What a beautiful photo. Here the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Today 33!

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