Pathfinders and making soup

My students have just completed an assignment in which a good number of them have designed pathfindersand have used a range of wikis such as Wetpaint, pbwiki or wikispaces . If you do a search for pathfinders school libraries, you will find lots of examples butmost of them, while providing a range of resources suitable to their student audience, often have very content-driven annotations. What I teach my students is that pathfinders should contain information literacy skills advice at the start  of the pathfinder and in teh annotations. Some students search within websites effectively and are good at interpreting what they find in relation to their purpose – but as we know, many are not. So including reminders in the annotations of resources about searching and interpreting is likely to help many students in your classes.

One of the most therapeutic things that I do is to make home made soup. I think that the processes of chopping, slicing, peeling, grating, stirring, seasoning, tasting and simmering are all relaxing. I realise that this might sound awfully middle class, educated, comfortably off and western and I know that for some people in the world, making soup used to be and often is, a chore. Given that admission, however, making soup e.g. lentil soup which I made yesterday, is relaxing and satisfying. My recipe? I used stock from the gammon joint we had, washed the lentils and added them, bringing the stock and letnils quickly tothe boil. I then added chopped leeks, grated turnip (aka swede in England an other places) i.e. large, round and thick purple skin and grated carrot. For more stock I used a vegetable cube and yes, i know there can be a lot of salt int these cubes. Stir the whole thing together and simmer for maybe half an hour. Delicious.


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