Google books and Robert Johnson

From eSchool News, a report that Google and representatives of authors and publishers have come to an agreement about Google’s scanning of books and making parts of books available via its Books tool. This good news for publishers and authors (like me) as it has forced Google into making payment towards copyright claims from authors and publishers. It is also a very good result for libraries, according to one university librarian, as it will increase access to out of print books for many library users. There are still fears that Google is trying to make all books available online, even in small parts and of course, Google denies this but, given the effort put in by academic authors who produce books and given the slight rewards, we still need to keep an eagle eye on what Google is doing.

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music but when it comes to bluesRobert Johnson  is the man. HIs raw voice and guitar playing have influenced many people and one CD I have enjoyed is Eric Clapton’s Me and Mr Johnson. Some of my colleagues do not approve of this kind of cover of the great man’s singing but I say – listen to both – they are not the same artefact and one is a tribute to the other.


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