Conferences and Seamus Heaney

This week I have been preparing an abstract for a paper to be submitted for the ASLA conference 2009 where Stephanie Bush from Queenwood Junior School and I are hoping – if the paper is accepted – to talk about the factors that might influence the development of a culture of transfer in a school. The conference takes place in Perth, Australia and teacher librarians – if they can attend – will learn much from the papers but also enjoy the company of their peers. The second conference of interest this week is the IASL 2009 conference which will take place in Padua, Italy. Obviously, if you are reading this in Australia, it’s a long way to go and potentially expensive but if you can get there, it’s a valuable experience.

If I was asked who was my favourite poet, I would, after some thought, plump for Seamus Heaney and there is a very interesting article in last weekend’s Guardian newspaper which I find in my letterbox each day and is one of the assurances that I live in civilised country. The article on Heaney is an account of an interview gave to a fellow Irish poet and goes through the various stages of his writing life. It also contains some wonderfully evocative lines – Heaney talks poetry as well as writes it. If you think you have no interest in poets or poetry – read this and it will change your mind.


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