Lessons from Obama and Twisted Thistle

From eSchool News, a report on how school might learn lessons from Barack Obama’s extensive use of Web 2.0 tools to organise his campaign and get the vote out. The emphasis of the report  is on how schools might encourage the use of social networking between teachers and students and that this might be a platform for discussions about media literacy and responsible use of social networking. The report also states that schools may find this prospect “daunting”. One aspect of this that is currently likely to put on hold developments in social networking is the banning, in state schools in the UK and Australia in particular, of social networking sites for fear that students will access inappropriate material. So education authorities need to decide whether they really  want to encourage the use of Web 2.0 or are just paying lip-service.

Picture the scene. My cycling friend John’s retirement party and a wee celebration but John has retired from Belhaven Brewery  here in Dunbar and a group of us went to the party which was held inside the brewery. So, a free bar and about 7 different beers to choose from. I elected to go for Twisted Thistle which is not, as you might imagine, some form of medieval Scottish torture, but what the brewery calls “A stunning India Pale Ale (IPA)”. Think smooth, think thirst quenching, think heart warming and think a woozy next morning. The picture below shows 2 bottles beside the winter flowering cyclamen outside the window where I write this.

Twisted Thistle and cyclamen

Twisted Thistle and cyclamen


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