Google surveillance and tide clock (again)

Interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper about Google’s Flu Trends which, on the face of it, is an admirable exercise in public health research i.e. Google are monitoring the searches done by people relating to flu. However, as the article rightly points out, this is still extensive monitoring of what we are searching for and the implications for privacy could be serious. For example, if Google was to sell its information to drug companies, would we end up getting emails and/or phone calls asking us if we have flu or know someone who has, and if so, would we like to buy this wonder drug? It’s not clear how likely this is but it is possible. This would be a good article for senior school students to read if they are considering aspects of information in society or privacy. Today it’s flu trends but might it be tomorrow?

I referred to our new tide clock in a previous post and also to my new camera. The tide clock is very accurate although it may need to be calibrated each time there is a full moon so that it remains accurate. So what else do you do when there’s a full moon but calibrate your tide clock? My new toy -ahem, camera – is a real step up in quality and to show this, I’ve put another picture of the tide clock and time clock in our living room below. For information, if you zoom in on the tide clock, you’ll see that the tide is just on the turn or, to use the jargon, it’s now a falling tide.

Time and tide (reprise)

Time and tide (reprise)


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