BETT and frost

As it’s December already, many people in the UK and elsewhere will be registering for the BETT exhibition and seminars which take place in January 2009. The BETT exhibition is a huge range of companies and organisations displaying their ICT wares to visiting teachers, librarians and educators in general. Much of what is on offer in terms of products is very specialised commercial software but the show does give you an opportunity to reveiw the latest offerings and many people find something very relevant to their school. It’s also one of these massive exhibitions where you come away with bags of paper and free CDs/DVDs, so it pays ot be choosy if you want to a) lighten your travelling load and b) help the environment. There’s also a wide range of seminars and I know from experience that it pays to book early.

We had the first really cold weekend of the winter a couple of days ago and the temperature dipped overnight. On Sunday morning, going for a walk along Tyninghame beach (pr, Tinning – ham), the temperature in the car was -3 and when we returned 1.5 hours later, it was -2.5. So a brisk walk as it was partially cloudy and briefly sunny. The cold did not stop 2 fishermen (pictured below) being on the beach and casting their lines in the sea, with the Bass Rock to their left. For those of you reading this in parts of the world where you get very cold winters, this will seem positively tropical.

Fishermen on Tyninghame Beach

Fishermen on Tyninghame Beach

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