Valuing information literacy skills and winter woods

I’m writing up research this week and one of the topics I’m writing about is whether students – in this case year 7 (year 1 secondary/high school) valueinformation literacy skills i.e. do they see benefits in these skills? Do they see them as something personal? Do they see these skills as helping them to learn? Much of the literature appears not to examine or emphasise this aspect and concentrates or how students use these information literacy skills or how teachers and TLs try to get students not just to see the skills as a means to find facts from which to write an assignment. The evidence from my own work is mixed. Some students appear to value skills such as concept mapping and question formulation as helping them to learn more about what they are studying. Other students take a more utilitarian approach – is this useful for me right now? Will it make it doing this assignment easier? Will it save time? Other students – a minority- seem not to value these skills at all and perhaps because they find it difficult to understand why they should use such skills at all. 

Out on the bike today and what you notice in winter is how clear the woods are and how you can see through what was once a dense, green mass of leaves and branches. Also, what was once a crunchy undergrowth beneath your wheels is now a more soft base, with less distinguishable colours. Coming out of one set of woods, a buzzard flew up in front of me and swayed – as only buzzards can do – elegantly into an adjoining field. It was close  enough to see the brown and white feathers, the sharp beak and the aggressive looking talons. No deer in the wood today as the openness of the woods makes these shy creatures less adventurous.


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