Critical thinking and last post for 2008

One of the aspects of information literacy that I’ve been writing about recently is related to critical thinking amongst students. In my own context at the moment, I’m looking at whether students engage in critical thinking about if, when and how they use information literacy skills. Today I was looking for something else but serendipity took me to the Now Classroom  site and an article/lesson plan  on critical thinking. It’s not perfect and may expect too much of some students but it’s worth a look as it has some good ideas about getting students to think about how their own opinions might be formed or might be unreliable without supporting evidence. The Now Classroom site is US based but has content which would be of use to teachers as well as TLs from a range of countries.

This is the last posting of 2008 as I’m on holiday for the next 4 weeks. One of things I hope to do in early 2009 is to have some guest bloggers from the school library world, in particular, practitioners from a range of countries. So I’m looking for people who are not  already bloggers but who would like to write this blog for one week. Meanwhile, if you are in midsummer or midwinter (and I hope it’s not a bleak one), enjoy the festivities. As it’s winter here, I’ll leave you with a frosty scene from a farm not far from Dunbar. All the best for 2009.

Frosted bales at Tyninghame

Frosted bales at Tyninghame


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