Web 2.0 course and winter

Firstly, a Good New Year to you all and may you get what you need in the year to come – and maybe even some of what you want. My colleague James Henri has sent me details of a Web 2.0 course which is being run by James and by Sandra Lee. This is a commercial venture (I’m not part of it) and you have to pay for the course but there is some very good material on offer which may not be available elsewhere although, of course, there is a lot of free stuff on Web 2.0 for teacher librarians out there, as a search on your favourite search engine will demonstrate. The course takes the form of presentations followed by forum and chat room discussions. Have a look and think about whether it’s for you.

It’s still winter here in Scotland and a common phrase you’ll here around here is that we’ve had a proper winter i.e. for almost all of December and January, the temperature has been in single figures during the day and often below zero at night. So much for global warming, people are heard to say but of course, if global warming means that the Gulf Stream cools down as a result of ice melting, then European countries such as Scotland will end up colder. Despite that, we’ve had many fine sunny days when you can get on your coat, scarf and gloves and go for a long walk by the sea or up the hills. This is in contrast to my friends and colleagues in Wagga Wagga who have been sweltering in temperatures above 35 + degrees each day for a fortnight and will do so this week again.  The first signs that winter might be waning here in Dunbar can be seen now in our gardens, as in the photo below.

First snowdrops

First snowdrops


2 Responses to “Web 2.0 course and winter”

  1. Emily Williams Says:

    Good morning James,
    My first day of study and I receive your email, what fabulous timing. Looking forward to teacher librarianship study this year.

    I have an aunt in Scotland, and it pleases me that you have prompted me to remember her and my memories of England (not the weather of course).

    Am enjoying reading in the 30+ heat by our swimming pool.
    Looking forward to more posts…..
    Emily Williams

  2. Ida Griffiths Zee Says:

    It is a beautiful photograph. it is also my first day back at school, in the year of the Ox…..Kung Hei Fat Choy James, Best Wishes from Hong Kong

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