Differentiation + technology and blue skies

From the ever interesting and reliable eSchool News, an interesting report from a webinar  (sic) which discussed aspects of using ICT to enhance differentiation in schools and that this can be applied in “gifted, traditional and special education”. The authors argue that students will learn  better if they are taught in ways that suit their own learning styles and abilities. Some of the applications such as I-Search, WebQuests and wikis will be familiar to teacher librarians across the world and some of the approaches to differentiation are not new. However, this is an interesting article and some of the ideas could be passed on within your school.

Here in Dunbar (known as Sunny Dunbar) we get a lot of clear days with blue skies, even if the temperature is only 2 degrees at 11am. I have always maintained however, that in the UK, we don’t get the “big sky” that you get in Australia and in particular in rural Australia, where the sky seems to go on forever. Maybe it’s just psychological in that you think you can see more sky in less built up regions. One good effect of blue skies is that, walking along the harbour at the weekend and spotting a fishing boat coming in, I could see the lovely reflection of the castle, the lifeboat, the fishing boat and the sky. See below.

Blue skies Dunbar harbour

Blue skies and Dunbar harbour


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