Science websites and credit crunch libraries

In this week’s Classroom News which you can access if you join eSchool News, there are two sources related to school science that might be worth passing on to science teachers in your school. The first is  Siemens Science Day – for which you have to register but it’s simple – which has a number of science “tools, videos and revealing hands-on activities” for students. The site states that these are for primary school children but some of the content appears suitable for early secondary/high school. Siemens is a commercial company and this site is run by the Siemens Foundation – so there might be some bias here but I couldn’t find any. Check it out. The second site is Under the Microscope which is dedicated to increasing the number of women in science and technology. The site looks as if it’s designed for teachers and/or senior girls (and boys) in secondary/high school and it contains articles by role models of women scientists as well as discussions of ethical issues such as beauty treatment. check this out too.

An article in Saturday’s Guardian Review section caught my eye. The article starts by saying that one part of the world of books that is doing well in the recession is public libraries. Whenever there is a recession, it seems that more people use public libraries and they borrow more books. To enhance the likelihood of more people using public libraries, some UK libraries are using clever marketing slogans, such as Devon Libraries’ “buy none, get eight free” and Brighton and Hove libraries’ advertising which compares the price of books in shops to those in libraries i.e. a book may cost 10 GB pounds or 23 Aust dollars – but, hey, in the library, it’s free.  So here’s a challenge for teacher librarians and school librarians across the globe – how might you increase use of your library (and not just for book borrowing) by relating your services to the credit crunch? Post a comment or email me and I’ll judge the entries!


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