Futurelab and the Donna Leon

Just arrived is the Futurelab Newsletter which is worth subscribing to if you’re interested in innovation in education and this applies not just if you’re in the UK as Futurelab’s initiatives have application around the world. This month’s issue includes InspirEd which has information on a range of projects relating to young people as entrepreneurs; a podcast by Dan Sutch on the tools needed by schools “to shape their schools’ near-term and long term futures”; and ShoutBox which is “a cross platform tool” which allows school students to show examples of out of school learning and this includes sport, art and music. If you’d like to subscribe, send an email to newsletter@futurelab.org.uk with the subject line ‘subscribe’. This is a very creative newsletter and will provide a great range of ideas for schools.

Just finished reading a crime fiction novel by a well known (but not by me until recently – thanks Carmela) novelist Donna Leon featuring her detective Brunetti who is a policeman in Venice. The book I’ve just read is one of her earlier ones – A Noble Radiance – in which Brunetti is faced with solving the murder of the son of a wealthy Italian family. Brunetti is an interesting character and his relationships with his family are one feature of the book. Venice itself is a character in the book – not only the places but the history. Not the best detective novel I’ve ever read but interesting, well written and well plotted.


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