Teacher’s domain and new books

A message on the IASL_Link from Margaret Stimson via the redoubtable and ever-active Gerald Brown refers to the Teacher’s Domain which appears to be worth investigating as a useful resource for TLs across the world. It has a wide range of sources including websites, videos and lesson plans. I searched under information literacy and tried the first of 609 hits, just to try it out. There’s a video and a lesson plan  on how students can be taught to be critical viewers of what they watch e.g. to identify bias or missing information or ambiguity. The lesson plan includes an intriguingly named Idenitifying Information Graphic Modelhandout, which turns out to be a Word document using a Word graphic but the content is good. For full use, you have to register but for browsing, you can use the Search facilities. It is North America based but most of the issues dealth with appear to me to be relevant across the globe. Check it out.

I like buying books. I like reading books, of course when I have the time but there is something very satisfying about buying new books. Don’t get me wrong, if paper ceased to exist and all reading material was only available digitally on one of the new e-book readers (no advertising here – do a search for digital book readers and you’ll see the range ) I would still buy books. However, there is something tangible about books in print as there is with a newspaper, plus walking round the bookshop is a physical as well as mental experience. As opposed, of course, to walking round shops selling clothes as this is a physical experience but a mental strain. The books I bought were The White Tiger, The Tin Roof Blowdown and The Cellist of Sarajevo. They join the 9 other books yet to be read on the current ‘to be read’ shelf although on other bookshelves, there are also unread books. I’ll get there.


One Response to “Teacher’s domain and new books”

  1. Cathy Hainstock Says:

    I just recently stumbled across this resource myself through – ahem, a google search. I was after a video that might clarify the ‘design process’ to upper primary students for my Collection Management assignment. Bingo! Teachers Domain had two that met my needs – one of an architect explaining how he uses the design process and how it can be use applied more generally and then another of a 13 year-old who designed a cardboard chair – his explanation modelled the process beautifully.

    I spent several hours cruising the site after that and recommend it highly.

    I’m now heading back to see the critical viewers resources – I’m hoping it will have something I can add to a unit I’m teaching on media awareness. Thanks as always for your informative blog entries.

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