Serendipity and tulips

Serendipity is usually thought of, in library terms, of perhaps physically wandering along shelves of books or journals in the hope that you might just come across something interesting and most of us have probably uncovered a wee gem from time to time using this method. In search engine terms (and yes, I found this by accident when looking for something else) serendipity is one thing that search engines are trying to enhance when we search. An article on serendipity  argues that what search engines are now trying to do is to focus on disambiguating content i.e. finding out what we reallymean when we put in a search. One of the ways to  visually serendipitise (if there is such a word) is to go to Stumbleupon where you can browse around things that other people have found – if you have the time and the inclination of course. An interesting article and maybe some hope that search engines will become more sophisticated in the future and allow us the chance to look around as well as look for what we want.

Here in Dunbar, Spring has moved on and the tulips are now in bloom. Like me, you probably thought that tulips came from Holland and maybe even from Amsterdam but in fact, they originate from “Central Asia and Turkey” according to one site. The tulips in the picture below open up – and smile? – when the sun comes out and close up again when it gets cold or the sun goes away. So maybe not all that different from us after all. You rarely see tulips in places such as my other home town of Wagga Wagga as it’s too hot in the summer and also, bulbs are very expensive, so if you’re in a hot country where you don’t see tulips, enjoy the picture.

Tulips in the garden

Tulips in the garden


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