Technologies and sunset

From eSchool News, an interesting article on Six technologies soon to affect education.  Some of the technologies mentioned are already happening in some (but not many)  schools e.g. collaborative environments such as Ning. Another example given is VoiceThread  which looks interesting but may necessitate some payment. The article also refers to online communication tools and one example given is Edmodo which claims to offer a free private communication platform for teachers who can share “links, notes and files”. I have had a brief look at Edmodo and it looks as if it could have potential. Another example in the article of new technologies is referred to as smart objects and one example, very relevant to libraries, is ThinkeringSpaces which is directed at school students and seeks to develop ways in which students can engage in discovery learning through a combination of physical and virtual environments. The title is a pun on “tinkering” – worth a look.

The clocks have changed here and it is now light until after 8pm. Due to good weather this week, we’ve had some lovely sunsets and the place in Dunbar to see the sun set at its best is at Belhaven Bay which has a long history as a harbour and early holiday spot. Today it is a haven for walkers, runners, surfers of different kinds and bird watchers. There is a bridge at Belhaven which is referred to locally as the bridge to nowhere, as when the tide comes in, the bridge is surrounded by water. The bridge is used when the tide goes out, to allow people to cross the stream below. In the picture below, you see the bridge at sunset.

Belhaven Bay at sunset

Belhaven Bay at sunset


One Response to “Technologies and sunset”

  1. bethfriese Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the lovely pictures and your thoughtful insights about librarianship. I enjoy reading them?

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