World Digital Library and skylarks

Thanks to Tom Kaun for alerting me, via the IASL  listserv, to the World Digital Library project which is being launched on 29 April 2009. the aim of the library is to make ‘primary materials’ from different cultures available to us all via the web and to do this in a multilingual format. The WDL will also feature videos made by curators from a range of national libraries around the world and these videos will explain to us why some of the primary documents are important to a particular culture. This looks a very promising source for teachers, students and teacher/school librarians because it will offer resources of value to history, cultural studies and other languages teaching. So check it out once the launch date arrives.

Out cycling today against a fairly strong southerly wind at times but mostly sheltered from the wind – thankful for that as the hills are hard enough going without having to fight the wind as well. One of the features of today’s cycle was the prominence in the countryside well off the main roads of skylarks  which were soaring in the sky and singing their hearts out. Just when you think you’ve done well to cycle up that hill in maybe one gear higher than previously, you hear the tiny skylark’s melodious calls and you have to wonder how that little bird can hover as it does and sing at the same time. A neat coincidence then, that Tom Kaun’s school is in Larkspur, California and, continuing the natural theme, that Larkspur is also a bonnie flower.


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