Information literacy site and Romanno Bridge

There are many information literacy sites available on the web but a very useful one is the UK based Information Literacy  site which contains a comprehensive array of features of information literacy. While much of the site relates more to higher education e.g. information literacy tutorials  (which my students have just been evaluating), there is much to interest teacher librarians on the site. One of the issues relating to teaching information literacy skills in schools is how to make sure that well designed online guidance to students is actually used by the students. By getting online information literacy guidance incorporated into, for example, teachers’ assignment specifications for students, there is more chance of ensuring its use. Online guidance, of course, can never, on its own be enough to develop information literacy skills in our students.

I have just finished reading Andrew Greig’s novel Romanno Bridge  which is partly an adventure story about a group of people trying to find the real Stone of Destiny ( allegedly the ancient throne of the Scottish monarchy), partly a tale of different personalities which are very well established and developed, and partly a poetic description of places, mainly in Scotland but also in Norway. Greig is both poet and novelist and this comes through very well in the novel as you get an atmospheric description of highland Scotland locations but also a poet’s philosophical musings on life and on people. A fine read.


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