Barriers to Web 2.0 and divers

From eSchool News, an article on barriers to Web 2.0 in USA schools. If you are in Australia, Canada or the UK, the barriers outlined in this report will be familiar and to some of you, depressingly familiar. The report notes that there is a still a wide gap between how  our school students engage with Web 2.0 outside the school and how they engage with it while at school. Key barriers were concerns about student safety e.g. where most district administrators thought that social networking could be used well in teaching and learning, most still banned the use of most social networking sites in their schools. Other barriers included a lack of teacher training, lack of technology support in schools and school/district policy. On a more positive note, the survey found that use of multimedia resources accessed via Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, had increased. The latter point may be very good news for teacher librarians promoting wider use of resources via wikis.

On Easter weekend, my wife and I went down to St Abb’s Head  where the guillemots arrived in huge numbers at the nature reserve – they cling to the side of the rockface and from a distance you could mistake them for oyster shells stuck to the rocks. Another set of returning visitors are the divers who flock to this site because of the quality of the diving in the clear waters around the village. The divers must be dedicated people as it seems that the proportion of time spend actually diving is wildly disproportionate to the time spend preparing and lugging heavy cylinders along the harbourside to the boats. The diving suits do provide some amusement and possibilities of headless divers – see picture below.

Diving suit at St Abbs

Diving suit at St Abbs


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