PLUS model and pinotage

This week, I had two emails from school librarians in the UK about my PLUS  information literacy model. The elements of the model are Purpose, Location, Use and Self-evaluation and the model can be adapted for use in individual schools. My thinking about the model has developed over the years and I now see the model as both something which students can use as a guide but also as a model for students to think about while they develop their own model which suits their particular learning style. Also, the librarians who contacted me (thanks Philippa and Alison) are planning to have posters of the model in their school classrooms but also, in one school, they are planning to replicate the model poster in the students’ diaries. So, it’s good to see how something you planned can be taken on board by others and developed.

The wine shop which I use regularly is in the neighbouring town of North Berwick, is Lockett Brothers. Now I am reluctant to advertise anything on this blog but the service is so good in this shop that I make an exception. One of the discoveries I’ve made recently – thanks to a recommendation from the wine shop itself – is The Ruins Pinotage . This is a really tasty and different wine which takes a wee while to get used to (don’t ask how many glasses) and once you become accustomed to its flavour, you”ll be back for more. All in moderation of course.


2 Responses to “PLUS model and pinotage”

  1. Fiona Says:

    I am studying at CSU and am “critically evaluating” the PLUS model for an assignment! I like the fact that you are open to adaptation of the model by others.

  2. Cathy Atkinson Says:

    Interested to read of pinotage as I sit here sipping my glass of Hardys Nottage Hill Cabernet Shiraz and checking Google Reader. I have to admit I had to google pinotage as I had not heard of it. When I see it here I will be adventurous and try it!
    My very last assignment awaits…back to work!
    Thanks for the tip. I was actually delving into your PLUS model

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