Web literacy and Edinburgh

There are many sites related to various aspects of students’ use of the web and one of the terms commonly used is web literacy. A very good site on this topic is one of the great sites for teaching about  series, and focuses on aspects of web literacy such as website evaluation (Kathy Schrock), quality of information (Hope Tillman) and some sites on internet safety. So worth a look, even if you question the term web literacy, which I would see as a subset of information literacy but, on this site, information literacy appears to be a subset of web literacy. Whatever term we use with teachers and students, the key aspect is to focus on students using information and accepting that finding information is overrated as a skill.

For the past 2 days, I’ve had my colleague Bob Pymm staying here in Dunbar. Yesterday, I took him into Edinburgh which is 20 minutes away on the train. Edinburgh of course is the capital of Scotland. On my travels round the world, I’ve met many people who would put Edinburgh near the top of their favourite cities to visit. Bob was suitably impressed by the stunning architecture in Edinburgh and it’s city that you can walk round and see many of the key cultural and historical sites. We briefly visited the castle and then walked down the Royal Mile, with a wee detour to look in at ( as you might expect for 2 librarianship lecturers) The National Library of Scotland . On then to the Museum of Childhood  (mentioned before on this blog as being as much for adults as it it for kids), before visiting the new Scottish Parliament  building. One of the good things about getting visitors is that you can become a visitor yourself for a while. A grand day out.


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