Search switching and meeting the llamas

One of the sites I occasionally dip into is Greg Notess‘  Search Engine  Showdown. In a recent post, the topic is search switching i.e. doing a search on one search engine, then switching over to another butwithout having to type in the address of the other search engine. One tool for doing this, recommended by Notess,  is Turboscout. In this site, you put in your search terms e.g. I tried metacognition school students and I clicked on Google. The results came up and at the top of hte page, the search terms are in the search box, but underneath are a range of other search engines e.g. Yahoo, Clusty, Dogpile, Snap, Teoma and Wisenut. One advantage of switching is that sometimes, you can find a better i.e. more relevant, website in a different search engine. Try it out.

On a walk on Sunday, between Coldingham and St Abbs Head (referred to before on this blog), we passed a few people walking seriously (i.e. strong boots and rucksacks), others strolling along, enjoying the sunshine but not the wind. As we turned the bend, in front of us was a man leading two llamas! Earlier, on the steep cliffs, we had seen kittiwakes, razorbills and gullemots either clinging to the rocks or flying about in such numbers that you wonder how they don’t crash into each other. This is what you expect to see at St Abbs but llamas? One thing I must say about llamas, is that they are very patient when being photographed. See below.

Llamas at Coldingham

Llamas at Coldingham


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