Google translate and football

I referred to search switching in the previous post and from the same source Search Engine Showdown, comes an article on Google Translate, which Greg Notess (I was about to write ‘notes’ but won’t) argues that Google’s translation services have improved recently. The article has a number of examples of how the translate service, including translated search, has been improved. I have normally advised people to use translate only for words or phrases and not sections of text. I have just copied a paragraph from the French newspaper Le Monde and the English translation starts with “Members French adopted by 312 votes against 218 reform their rules” and ends with “majority attempts to gagging”. So my advice has not changed.

Tonight is the big game. [Non football (soccer but only if you must) fans look away now and go to the llama photo below as a diversion.] The Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona takes place in Rome and might just be a great game, although finals can disappoint as no one wants to lose. As a neutral, I want an early goal, then some dazzling football from both sides, then more goals, then more dazzling football. It may not work out like that. Of course, it is mandatory to accompany this viewing with some Belhaven beer. 

Llama near Coldingham beach

Llama near Coldingham beach


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