Digital participation and hill running (watching not doing)

From Futurelab, a new project on what they are calling Digital Participation. This is interesting for teacher/school librarians as part of the project will be looking at digital literacy, which is defined by Futurelab as “more than functional ICT skills” and relates to students accessing, creating and communicating with ICT, as well as students taking a critical and evaluative stance in relation to digital media. The overall strategy is to make students more active learners. So aspects of information literacy will be covered by the project, which will be worth following.

At the weekend, my wife (in training for the Loch Ness Marathon  in October) went along to see members of Dunbar Running Club (ex non-running President being yours truly) take part in the Traprain Law Race. This involves runners leaving the picturesque village of East Linton, running along and then through the River Tyne  (see photo below) before going on  series of uphill stretches to get to Traprain Law.  So about 5K uphill (s0me of it very steep and 5K downhill. The top hill runners are  a race apart – strong on the uphill and fearless on the downhill. Not for the faint hearted.

Runners in the River Tyne

Runners in the River Tyne


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