Open Library and summer cycling

In the technology section of the Guardian, there’s an ineresting article on The Open Library. the article states that the Open Library hopes to “bring the web and books closer together” by developing “a single page on the web for every book that has ever been published”. The Open Library is part of the non-profit Internet Archive – itself a very interesting an worthwhile site. The idea of the single page for every book is not just to give brief information on the books i.e. not a cataloguer’s dream, but to have multiple links on the page, so that “information from around the internet” on a book can be included. The Open Library is not Google Books and has no intention of trying to be so. One of the issues with The Open Library is that, while many libraries have signed up with Google, other libraries may take a commercial view of their holdings. According to the article’s author, the library world “despite its meek appearance” [my italics] is “big business” these days. However, the academic world – and I think schools would come in here- may be the saviour of the Open Library.

Ah, summer cycling. I put on my Bicycle Wagga Wagga cycling top, shorts and fingerless cycling gloves and go cycling in the heat. OK – for those of you reading this in Australia and other countries, 23 degrees may not constitute much heat. but after 2 weeks of not very warm easterly winds coming off the sea, 23 is a delight. The route yesterday went past Barns Ness Lighthouse, along the side of the shore on a hard, bumpy track to Skateraw Beach, round the power station, across the main road and under the bridge, with a stiff climb up to Innerwick.  Great views across the abundantly cropped fields to the sea from here. Hard work at times but it’s great to get out and feel the sun on your back.


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