The Innovative School Librarian and Great Corby

There’s a new book from Facet Publishing who have published a number of my booksInnovative School Librarian looks very promising and contains chapters such as:  the librarian’s vision and values; integrating the library; and innovating. The book is edited by the effervescent Sharon Markless, who has done some excellent work in the school library field over a number of years. Sharon’s co-authors appear to have produced a book which not only has an innovate title but also takes a new and much needed look at the role of the school librarian. This looks like an interesting and potentially very useful book for school librarians and teacher librarians, and not just in the UK where it’s published. Check it out.

At the weekend, my wife and I went to visit our son Jonathan and his wife Rebecca in the historic and attractive town of  Carlisle.  There’s an interesting walk in the town centre where you can visit the  very large cathedral and the impressive castle. There are also nice walks along the river where lots of sheep graze happily, ignoring the 2 lanes of traffic above them on the bridge. In the evening, we went to the very impressive and great value for money restaurant at The Queen Inn, where the service is excellent, the food first class and the rural setting is exquisite. If you go, try the chicken and pistacio nut pate, the loin of venison or pork, and the puddings (to die for) including a very sweet but irresistible sticky toffee pudding. Very good wines and a regular section of very good real ales. I had Coniston Bluebird Bitter – tasty and refreshing.


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