Job satisfaction and “Weeds and wild flowers”

One of the projects I want to do in the near future is to focus on what might formally be called Motivation and Job Satisfaction amongst Teacher/School  Librarians. This might be less formally stated as What makes TLs/SLs tick? There was a survey done by the School Library Journal in 2008 amongst its readers, which include school and public librarians. The report in SLJ reported that there were differences between librarians and schools and those in public libraries, in relation to what they most liked and most disliked. Amongst the likes of those in schools, were working with young people; and connecting students to reading and lifelong learning. However, only 4% identified collaborating with teachers as a chief  satisfaction. In one of the workshops I do, I ask TLs/SLs what they like best about their job and what most annoys them. I don’t ask them to share this, just to think about it. Getting people to think about these aspects is sometimes the best way to get them to do something about it.

In the post, a new book from The Poetry Book Society, of which I am a member and 4 times a year I get a parcel and don’t know what’s in it – AND it’s not my birthday or Xmas. This time it’s  Weeds and Wild Flowers which includes poems written by Alice Oswald  and illustrations (black and white etchings) by Jessica Greenman. It’s a big book – about twice the size of most poetry books and beautifully made. I’m not sure if I like the etchings or not – you are so used to seeing flowers in colour – but I think they are growing (forgive the pun) on me, as I look at the shapes. The poems are witty, innovative and imaginative. From Daisy – “I will not kneel low enough to her lashes/to look her in her open eye/or feel her hairy wiry strength/or open my mouth amongst her choristers”.  Check it out.


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