Motivation and sweet peas

So what motivates TLs/SLs? In the UK and New Zealand, for example, it is certainly not the money. And what is motivation? If you do a search, you’ll come across many definitions, including: a) “What drives you to behave in a certain way or take a particular action. It is your WHY”; and b) (from a business perspective) “Internal and external factors that stimulate energy and desire inpeople to be continually interested in and committed to a job”. There are of course, other types of motivation such as moral motivation (we do what we think is right according to our own principles) or political motivation (we do what we think will succeed or get us power). So, in schools, being motivated may come from a range of factors, some to do with yourself (how do I feel today?) or with others (how did I impact on other people today).  The problem is often that we are too busy doing e.g. helping students or staff, and have little time for thinking. For those of you thinking that it’s OK for James Herring in his ivory tower saying all this, it’s the same up here.

In my garden and, particularly in my neighbour’s garden, at the moment, there is an abundance of sweet peas – delicate flowers which don’t last long but are very colourful when in bloom and have a welcoming scent. You need to cut the flowers to keep more coming, so don’t just admire them. The poet Keatswrote that ” the bees hum about globes of clover and sweet peas”. See photo below for a mix of colours. No blog for the next week or so, as I’m taking a well-deserved (according to me) holiday.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas


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