Information age inquiry and hydrangea

Thanks to Tom Kaun, I’ve alerted to an information literacy related  website Information Age Inquiry which was created by Danny Callison and Annette Lamb and is based on their teaching at Indiana University as well as workshops and publications. It brings together a wide range of aspects of information literacy and defines information inquiry in a similar manner in which many of us might define information literacy skills. For example, the authors identify 5 “interactive components of information inquiry – questioning, exploring, assimilation, inference and reflection”. This site really is a mine of information and I’ll be alerting my students to it. There are videos as well as many links to sites and articles. There are also suggestions that you read the authors’ books e.g. The Blue Book but this is not done in an overtly commercial way. I would recommend The Blue Book for TLs/SLs to read.

In our garden this year, one of the most successful shrubs has been the hydrangea – a multi headed display of colour which lasts for weeks. These plants originated in Asia and South America and the word hydrangea comes from the Greek words ‘hydro’ (water) and ‘angeion’ (barrel or jar) as the flower heads look like water cups or holders. The picture below – a close up – shows the colours of the flowers but has, I think anyway, an abstract quality. Maybe that’s me being pretentious. See what you think.



One Response to “Information age inquiry and hydrangea”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Consider one of your students already alerted to the presence of this info lit site. I have put it in my ETL501 favourites folder.

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