New on Skype and a countryside walk

This morning, at 5am to be precise, I was teaching in Sydney at a workshop for my students who are studying teacher librarianship. It was 2pm in Sydney and I was appearing via Skype. There is a new version of Skype to which I was alerted yesterday, which includes screen sharing. This means that when you are Skyping someone, you can select screen sharing from the Calloption and the person(s) you are Skyping can see your screen e.g. you can show them documents or photos. The quality is not as high as it might be but I’m sure this will improve. If you haven’t got this option, download the latest version.

The countryside around Dunbar at the moment is full of fields of wheat, barley and potatoes which are ripening fast and the grain fields have turned from green to yellow. The other evening, my wife and I walked up to the foot of Doon Hill, from which (see picture below) you get a great view across the fields to the town of Dunbar, out to sea and to the Isle of May. It was a very pleasant summer’s evening, with the wind blowing through the fields and a great sense of tranquility.

View from the foot of Doon Hill

View from the foot of Doon Hill


One Response to “New on Skype and a countryside walk”

  1. Libby Lam Says:

    Hi, James, I’m in 501 and found your blog through your emails for our course. I just had to comment on what a beautiful place you live in! One of my biggest dreams is to have a little farm in South Gippsland in Victoria (Australia) with a sea view – or even glimpse (!), so your description of fields of crops, breezes and sea views really drew me in. Another dream is to work in a school library with a sea view – even if it’s only as a volunteer!

    Thank you for posting wonderful photos,

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