Wikis and chimneys

This morning, I was doing some editing on material for my students and, adding to the section on wikis, I came across a website with a host of examples of educational wikis. Educational wikis  contains a range of examples of how teachers and TLs in schools are using wikis. There’s an impressive school library wiki  designed by Jennifer Garcia; a French language wiki  for middle school teachers and students; and an art wiki with lots of photographs, graphics and interesting ideas.  I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating, the value of a wiki is related to the imagination of TLs, teachers and students. Wikis are mostly local, personal and meaningful to a particular school community but the rest of us can also learn much from these wikis.

One of my visitors from Australia commented that you don’t see many chimneys in Australia, at least not many examples of rows of chimneys. In the UK, newer houses often have chimneys but these are often decorative. In older houses, such as those in the picture below of a row of houses just up the road from me here in Dunbar, a number of chimneys were included. This was because (and this may be an obvious statement) these houses were heated by a number of fires in different room in the house – no gas central heating in the late 19th century.  If you really want to see some unusual chimneys, then either visit Hampton Court when you are in London or check out the “barley sugar” chimneys on the website.

Chimneys in Dunbar

Chimneys in Dunbar


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