Wikipedia and off to ER (no emergency!)

In yesterday’s Guardian, there was an article on Wikipedia. Very timely, as my students are discussing the same topic this week. The article  states that Wikipedia is about to have 3 million articles in a short period of time. It also states that the growth of Wikipedia is slowing and may have come to an end. Research from the USA is cited which shows that Wikipedia is no longer the  open door for contributors that it used to be. The article also cites 2 camps in Wikipedia, the Deletionists who want to see more editorial control of the content of the encyclopedia, and the Inclusionists, who argue that more is better, even if it is of poorer quality. The likelihood, the article argues, is that the Deletionists will win, and if they do,  the article asks, will a newcomer emerge and bring us a new, and inclusionist, version of Wikipedia?

Tomorrow (Saturday 15 August) is the start of the new football season. Don’t call it soccer, please. So for me and my mates, it’s off to ER i.e. to Easter Road, home of the world famous and mighty Hibernian Football Club in Edinburgh. Now, at the moment, the Edinburgh International Festival is on and high culture vultures abound. Thousands also attend the more well known Fringe Festival in which hundreds of acts perform drama, music and other arts in a range of venues. However, Easter Road tomorrow will be the real theatre of dreams (I hope) where the drama will be Shakespearean and the crowd will cheer on a first day victory for us. Aye, well, that’s the theory. History tell us ….


2 Responses to “Wikipedia and off to ER (no emergency!)”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hi James, I am really enjoying your blog 🙂

  2. ER Free Streaming Says:

    You have an awesome website!

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