Search strategies and Fringe visit

This week, my students are discussing aspects of effective searching on the web. There are hundreds of sites which promise to teach you how to search better and many of them repeat the mantras of planning the search, being precise and using advanced searching. One of the best known is the 7 Habits site which explains what it calls the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Searchers. This is a good place to start but there is no perfect guide to effective searching and you need to think about how you search and where you search. Practice will make you a better searcher but as the web and search engines keep changing, we will need to adapt our search strategies.

Visitors this week and last and this meant two visits to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The first visit took in the Soweto Gospel Choir  and whether you are humanist or religious, if you like good singing and a lively performance, with songs mostly accompanied only by drums, then this is something to see. This week, in the company of 2 visiting 10 year old nieces, we went to see The Princess’ Blanket which was presented by the poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy and the very talented and versatile musician John Sampson, who played a variety of flutes, whistles and horns. The story is a simple one of a princess who was always cold but in between we had many of Duffy’s poems for children and adults and Sampson’s music which ranged from Scottish reels to tunes by Henry VIII. A great show for children and adults.


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