Website evaluation and cycling

This week, my eager beaver students are reading about, discussing and (I hope) are well into their preparation for the first assignment which deals with website evaluation criteria. There are many sets of criteria on the web and there is no definitive set which will meet all the needs of an individual TL. The key criteria are educational criteria which focus on the needs of the students who will be using the sites being evaluated. In particular, sites need to be chosen in relation to the level of language used on the sites. Given the differing reading abilities within primary and secondary schools,  TLs need to consider providing students with more than 1 site on a particular topic as one site is unlikely to meet the needs of the range of reading levels.  The value of sites mediated by the TL is very high and can save students much time as it takes them directly to a resource they need and is suitable for them.

Out cycling yesterday and it’s harvest time here in East Lothian, so my mate and I passed fields where combine harvesters relentlessly mowed down the ripe barley and were followed by balers which sucked up the straw and gave birth to round bales, which look like huge empty cotton reels. In other fields, the machines had gone and in some, even the bales had gone, leaving only the yellow stubble. Farmers are no aesthetes and quickly empty the fields of the artistic scattering of bales. Elsewhere in some  fields, what were once slender plants are now burgeoning cabbages almost ready for cutting or tall and stocky brussel sprout plants with large leaves but, as yet, only miniscule sprouts. And the cycling? Hard at first against the wind and up the hills but coming home with the wind behind us was exhilarating.

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