IASL and Padova

This week, I am in Italy for the IASL conference which is taking place in the town of Abano Terme which is near the historic city of Padova. the conference began this morning with a welcome to the conference by organisers Luisa Marquardt and Donatello Lombello. This session also featured music from a middle school group. The two opening keynote papers were on  information literacy in society by Misako Ito  from Unesco and Carol Kuhlthau on guided inquiry. Both were very relevant to TLs in different ways with the information literacy paper giving a wider perspective on information literacy. I gave my own paper in the afternoon to a good sized audience, considering that there were 4 other concurrent sessions. My theme was concept mapping and transfer.

I am staying in the city of Padova or Pauda  Latin name) which is city of contrasting features, from the ancient walls dating back to Roman times to modern upmarket shops and buildings. On the city tour yesterday, we passed by examples of the three layers of city walls which have been builtsince the Romans, as well as many churches e.g. Basilica di Sant Antonio and the university which dates back to 1122 and has some very famous students such as Galileo. It is now a modern, bustling city but has many cyclists which is good to see. It is also 30 degrees here and the evenings are lovely and warm, great for sitting outside and eating in the many restaurants here. Yeah, yeah – hard life for some …..


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