IASL (2) and Padova (2)

The IASL conference ended on Friday and next year’s conference is in Brisbane.  The closing ceremony featured the handover to next year’s hosts and entitled “Ciao, Italia! G’day, Australia”. The final day’s papers included “The dispositions of exemplary school librarians” and ‘Web 2.0: Knowledge and use by a select group of teacher librarians in Jamaica”.  The ever enthusiastic David Gregorio was filming and interviewing and it is worth going to his site to see and listen to some of the speakers and organisers who put in so much work.

Wandering around the cityof Padova/Padua is a wonderful experience. The university buildings  are magnificent and date back to the 13th century. Their most famous student and teacher was Galileo. One of the best visits was to the Palazzo della Ragione which is a cavernous hall built above the oldfruit market. Its walls are decorated with a range of astrological frescoes. The originals were drawn by Giotto but were destroyed in a fire. In the palazzo, perhaps the most striking feature is the huge wooden horse (see picture below) which dominates one end of this fascinating building.

Wooden horse in Palazzo della Ragione
Wooden horse in Palazzo della Ragione

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