School library websites and MCG

With the increased use of school intranets, there appears to be fewer school library websites around which are open to viewing by anyone. There are still many good sites out there and a search on your favourite search engine should find some good examples. So why have a website that is open to all rather than having school library webpages on the intranet? In terms of sharing information and ideas with other teacher librarians, an open school library website can be very valuable as a learning vehicle, especially for people new to the school library profession. A good school library website can give staff, students and the school community (and others) access to learning resources which may be evaluated, information literacy skills guidance, and a general view of what is happening in the library. Joyce Valenza calls the school library website “Your second front door” and this is an excellent way of describing it. If your school doesn’t have one, think about how you might start one.

Being in Australia for 6 weeks, I have the opportunity to travel around a bit. Last weekend I was in Melbourne and I attended for the first time, an AFL game. AFL is Australian Rules Football, which is a very fast game, based on Gaelic Football which is played in Ireland. The game I went to was at one of Australia’s iconic sports grounds, the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG  as it is widely known. This is a vast gladiatorial arena and there were 87,258 people attending this match which was what the Australians refer to as a Preliminary Grand Final. The word ‘final’ is used differently in Australian sport than in the UK, where you have quarter finals, semi-finals and the final. So what I attended was really the semi-final. Great experience and in a stadium so vast, so you get an idea of how the Romans must have enjoyed watching the gladiators fight or the lions devouring unsuspecting religious minorities – I’m not suggesting that we return to those days!


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