ASLA conference and Perth (Australia)

This week, I am at the ASLA Conference which is taking place at the convention centre in Perth. There are about 360 delegates at the conference. As usual with these conferences, there is a bewildering range of options when the concurrent sessions run. This morning, I attended a session on school library webpages – a topic I posted on recently. The presenter,Sharon McGuinness hosts Mrs Mac’s Webpage and talked about how the school library webpage can be a means of what she calls ‘active advocacy’ by providing support for staff, students and parents. It’s certainly worth a look. Sharon also gave some examples of very simple tools which can be used to create school library webpages. Worth a look are Yola – a drag and drop package; Wix which is a bit slow to load but is worth pursuing; and Weebly  which Sharon has used to very good effect.

Perth is a very attractive city, with the Swan River (see picture below) flowing through the city. It is also a very green city with a superb network of cycling, running and walking routes which are all off road. When you look the history of Perth, the city was “founded” in 1829 i.e. a British sea captain arrived in a large ship and took over, “ignoring the Aborigines who lived there”. One of the aspects of Perth that you realise when you are here for even a few days, that it is viewed as an ‘isolated’ city. However, this is a very east coast Australia view. It takes 5 hours to fly from Sydney to Perth – but the reverse is also true. So ‘isolation’ needs to be thought about.

Swan River Perth

Swan River Perth


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