ISLM and Venice

This month has been designated as International School Library Month (ISLM) and teacher librarians/school librarians around the world are invited to plan an event of some kind to publicise their school library. On the website above, you’ll find downloadable bookmarks and posters, as well as suggestions for events in the school library. You are also invited to send in a report, with photos (reduce the size)  if possible, to Karen Bonanno. So, a good opportunity for some advocacy and also to see what other TLs are doing across the globe for ISLM. It doesn’t have to be a big event which takes a lot of time to organise. Give it a go, as you are urged to do by the coordinator, Rick Mulholland  .

I was asked at the ASLA conference last week if I had put anything on this blog about Venice, which I visited for the day after the IASL conference. Venice is one of those cities in Europe that could visit on numerous occasions and never see enough. It is full of stunning architecture – everywhere, not just in the famous St Mark’s Square. The best way to see Venice is to walk e.g. from the train station to St Mark’s Square, following the signs which take you along a maze of back streets, across some bridges over the canal system, including the Rialto Bridge, and past huge churches with famous paintings, but also colourful markets. Venice is a city of many colours as the photo below shows.

View from Rialto Bridge

View from Rialto Bridge


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