Netbooks and the Murrumbidgee River

From the always readable eSchool News, a feature on whether Netbooks are the answer to having a cheaper (and better) way of providing school students with laptops. The article gives 2 alternative views of netbooks, one of which argues that netbooks, while not high end computing (which students don’t need), provide students with access to learning resources, online subject content and online assessments, and do this in an affordable way. The other article argues that netbooks are, in fact, not much cheaper than a good laptop, that they are smaller and difficult to type on and that they lack the power that students will need to view multimedia in the future. See what you think.

Now that I am back in Wagga Wagga, one of the pleasures is to walk along the Murrumbidgee River in the morning sun. Walking past the numerous gum trees (eucalyptus), with their bark having fallen off are smooth to the touch and are like abstract paintings with the patterns on the trunks. The sounds of various birds are also heard – the cackling of the sulphure crested cockatoos in particular, as well as other more gentle calls – and the reflections on the still water are ever changing. The photo below was taken at 8.30am.

By the Murrumbidgee

By the Murrumbidgee


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