Study visit and possum

This week, I’m Sydney with a group of 45 students on a study visit i.e. taking large and smaller groups of students around different libraries. The group is a mixture of teacher librarianship students and library and information management students studying at Charles Sturt University. The visit gives students a chance to see libraries out with their own area. the first visit was to Ultimo TAFE  (further education college) library where the very enthusiastic and informative Beatriz and her staff gave my students an excellent insight into what can be done on a restricted budget to promote the services of the library and b e valued by users. A completely different type of library was at the Society of Australian Genealogists which has a staff of one librarian and a squad of eager volunteers. Some of the younger students on the visit had never seen a card catalogue and although this library doesn’t use the card catalogue any more, it’s still there.

Just before I left the Wagga Wagga campus, I looked out of my office window (in serious contemplation of course, on the mysteries of teacher librarianship) and there, in the tree, eating the new leaves, was a possum. In New Zealand, where there are many possums, they are regarded as pests. In Australia, possums are protected but are certainly not popular with some  people e.g. if a possum decides to make a nest in your attic, it can be very disruptive. However, they are regarded as big eyed, bushy tailed cute animals, so judge for yourself in the photo below. Possums usually only come out at night, so one in daylight is rare.

Possum in Wagga Wagga

Possum in Wagga Wagga


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