Study visit (2) and Sydney

An interesting visit to the library at the Australian Research Museum, partly to find out how the library manages the goals of providing a service to researchers (e.g. zoologists), housing key journal collections for posterity, subscribing to online journals – while facing restrictions in their budget each year. The library also has a rare book collections including some wonderfully illustrated books by John Gould, a nineteenth century businessman, ornithologist and artist. One of the features of this library – and there’s a notice saying that it wouldn’t happen today – is the presence of a number of stuffed animals – eagles, ostriches, peacocks and many other birds. The picture below shows a group of my students beneath a surprisingly quiet and well behaved peacock.
Students at the Australian Research Museum Library

Students at the Australian Research Museum Library

One of the obvious delights of visiting Sydney is going down to Circular Quay to see the Opera House and the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge. No matter how many times you visit, you always seem to see both of these cultural icons slightly differently. From a hedonistic point of view, to get the best of both, sit at the Opera House with a glass of Australian wine e.g. a tasty Coonawarra, and watch the sun go down over the bridge. Put it on your list.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge


One Response to “Study visit (2) and Sydney”

  1. Monica Brown Says:

    Hi James,
    Looks like you’ve had an exhilarating time in Oz.
    Did you go on the jet boat or is that only for show?
    I really enjoy reading your blog and have really enjoyed ETL 501 so far.
    Monica Brown

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