Windows 7 and penny farthing bicycle

The ever up to date eSchool News reports that Windows 7 – launched on my birthday coincidentally – has been favourably received by schools. According to the report, it “simplifies tasks and improves functionality” which could mean just about anything. Improvements include much easier mobile access to resources and better use of memory. However, it also adds that most organisations running XP should plan to migrate in 120-18 months, which may or not be good news for some. This raises the question of who is controlling what we have on our computers – Microsoft or us? A good question to get your senior students to debate.

The photo below of a man cycling a penny farthing bike was taken in Tauranga, New Zealand where I am this week. Penny Farthing bicycles were invented by Penny Farthing, an 18th century inventor. She was a pioneer who didn’t give tuppence for what people thought and if anyone objected to her inventions, she said that they could go sing a song of sixpence. Some people thought that she wasn’t the full shilling but she claimed to be related to Florin – ce Nightingale and she would pound away at her invention. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. Penny farthing bicycles were invented in the 19th century but there’s a dispute about who did what.

Penny farthing bicycles

Penny farthing bicycle


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