E-books and shells

An article in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald attracted my attention. I read it in hard copy and am struggling to find it online. It’s by Brad Stone and discusses the availability of novels as e-books on devices such as Kindle and Reader and claims by both Amazon and Sony that people are actually reading more novels because of their availability as e-books. The article is rightly sceptical about claims from these companies about novels and their quotes appear selective. Novels in e-book form will increase certainly but books publishers are sceptical – as you might expect. One interesting aspect in the article is that e-book piracy may be on the rise and it quotes a reader IN Washington DC who claims to have linked her e-book reader to a friend’s account and gained access to the novels her friend paid for.

Walking on Mount Maunganui beach is a pleasure not just for the purity of the sand and the white, white waves contrasting with the blue sea, but also for the range of shells and colourful seaweed which you find there. The picture shows some of the shells you can find here. Exactly which sea creatures lived in these shells, I’m not sure, but they are beautiful to look at and to handle.

Shells on Mount Maunganui beach

Shells on Mount Maunganui beach


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