Poetry archive and murmuration

In yesterday’s technology Guardian, there is a link to Oxford University’s WW1 War Poetry Archive which should prove a very useful source for TLs working with English teachers, history teachers and their students. As well as having a vast range of poetry by WW1 authors, it has multimedia sections  in which you can click on poets such as Robert Graves and find photographs and scanned manuscripts. The archive also has a Second Life  section which features interviews, film footage and an opportunity to explore a WW1 area such as a battle trench. Instructions about joining Second Life (which I am yet to do but …) are provided. Looks a great resource, so check it out.

Also in The Guardian, which is ever present in my letter box in the morning – Monday to Saturday –  yesterday was a picture of starlings returning to roost in the UK for winter. The word for a gathering of starlings is murmuration, which one writer suggests is “a word that perfectly describes the rustle of a thousand pairs of wings> For more words about birds, collectively that is, read an Independent article. I like words like murmuration and I once came across an article on biblioclothanasia which literally means death by overcrowding by books although I’m struggling to find the “clothanasia” part for overcrowding. Aren’t words great? If you use too many of them and include too many archaic words, of course, it’s tushery – against which our English teacher always warned us.



One Response to “Poetry archive and murmuration”

  1. Lesley Martin Says:

    Have you seen the book A Filth of Starlings by PatrickGeorge? its a beautifully designed and illustrated compendium of collective nouns for animals. Its just been longlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award. There’s a companion volume, A Drove of Bullocks.


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