Digital natives (maybe) and autumn

I’m almost finished marking my students’ current assignments. One of the most common descriptions of school students which some of my students use is digital natives. This phrase is used very blandly and not only by my teacher librarians students. A useful article on the term ‘digital natives’ discusses the original term coined by Marc Prensky who saw young people as digital natives as they grew up with technology which was ubiquitous in their lives. The implication of this term is that school students in particular will be more comfortable with technology and will use it better than their older “digital immigrant’ counterparts. Like most generalisations, this is untrue in many cases. Some school students may have grown up with  technology but are not very good at using it to learn. Older generations grew up with TV but that doesn’t make them more discerning viewers. The term ‘digital native’ may be useful but it has to used in a context.

Here in Scotland, autumn is in full swing and the leaves are falling as well as the temperatures. Keats’ poem Ode to Autumn is a favourite poem of mine with so much elegant use of language e.g. the season autumn “conspires” with the sun to produce plentiful fruit. At the weekend, my wife and 15 other runners ran the Goat’s Gallop race which goes over Lammer Law from Long Yester and past the Hopes Reservoir, where the photo below was taken. It was a still, sunny Sunday morning and a very peaceful place to be, waiting for runners to pass and be photographed against the autumnal backdrop.

Hopes reservoir in autumn

Hopes reservoir in autumn


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