Search engines and Abu Dhabi

Firstly, there was no blog last week as I was doing a consultancy for the university in Abu Dhabi, of which, more later.

In a recent article in Technology Guardian, the author discussed ‘searching beyond Google’ and argues that Google is no longer the leader by a country mile over other search engines, as perhaps it once was. Nowadays, Victor Keegan argues, Google is more of a brand and other search engines, including Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, have caught up. What Keegan suggests is that we try newbies such as Leapfish or Duckduckgo and that one of the features of these search engines is that you search in real time but also link with social networking sites such as Flickr and YouTube. He also suggest using Monitter as an alternative search engine. Keegan admits, as we all have to, that none of these new search engines will replace Google but they do provide alternatives and who knows, maybe even some competition.

Last week I was in Abu Dhabi, as a consultant reviewing a teacher librarian programme. When you are in the middle of Abu Dhabi, with its constant 3 or 4 lanes of traffic which goes on steadily for most of the 24 hours in a day and completely blocks up at peak periods; and with its multitude of skyscrapers and its streets bustling with people (mostly men); and its poorer back streets; then you might wonder why it is being promoted as a tourist destination. The answer lies in its developments such as the Al Raha Beach but also in its cultural icons such as what is known as The White Mosque which looked spectacular as I passed it in the car. Would I be a tourist there? Maybe – check it out,


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