Rich tasks and festive running

I was at my local school today, interviewing the headteacher/principal about students on work experience and how they experience different information environments in the workplace than at school, in many cases. We also talked abut the school’s Rich Tasks programme which is a cross curricular initiative which involves year 7 students in a range of skills and activities, including information literacy. The Rich Tasks programme has its origins in Queensland and has now been adopted in a number of Scottish education authorities. In one area of my local school – Dunbar Grammar School, which I attended in my youth – students are engaged in modern languages, ICT and art and in another area, where they look at a disaster area in the world, they are engaged in craft, design and technology and  geography. One of the elements of both projects is the development of students’ information literacy skills as they are engaged in collaborative research and the school librarian is an active member of the team. I will learn more about this in 2010.

On Sunday, I was involved in doing timing and taking photographs for Dunbar Running Club’s  annual Festive Half Marathon/10K (which turned out to be 7 miles i.e. 11.34K). Every year, different runners turn up dressed in festive costumes to do the runs and this year, there were 2 fairies, an elf and a Xmas tree. What was worrying was that husband and wife team Santa Claus and SANDRA Claus did not turn up for either run. What the implications might be for children across the world on 25th December is anyone’s guess. The information has not been released to the financial markets, in case shares drop dramatically because of fears of non-delivery. Visit the club’s website for photos of festive runners. The photo below shows a fairy on the bridge and a man in a red top – SC in disguise?

Festive runners


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