Futurelab newsletter and Through the Square Window

The biannual newsletter sent out by Futurelab is always worth dipping into. This edition has a range of articles and podcasts which relate to innovation. In the vision Magazine, for example, there is an excellent article on Tim Rylands who has used games to increase student engagement with the curriculum, but has also introduced other innovations which combine high tech and low tech, with the emphasis being on student learning and creativity. We can’t all have Tim Rylands’ commitment and energy but we can learn from some of what he does in the classroom. A second part of this newsletter is the podcast on new technologies and learning e.g. prezi which is an advanced presentation tool, giving students a wider range of choices than PowerPoint or animoto which promises to deliver ‘beautifully orchestrated video pieces’ from photos and videos. It is also, according to the website, ‘shockingly easy’. Try it out and see what you think. There is much more in the Futurelab newsletter to whet your ICT appetite.

The new Poetry Book Society Choice dropped through my letter box recently and it is a book of poems by the Northern Irish poet Sinead Morrissey. The book is called Through the Square Window and contain a wide range of poems on topics but she is particularly good on landscape, including the nearby lough, which is an Irish word for a loch (Scotland) and is pronounced the same way, and lake (England and elsewhere). For example, ‘A liner in the foreground of the Lough… white as a tent in Plantagenet France’; or, in the same poem, ‘Ducks were tugging each other out to sea./they rode each wave the liner sent percussively.’ Stimulating poetry.


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